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Schwan-STABILO celebrated the opening of the first company crèche
03.05.2016 – Schwanhäußer Industrie Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Heroldsberg, 15 April 2016 – On Friday, the Schwan-STABILO Group celebrated the grand opening of the new premises at their headquarters in the Franconian town of Heroldsberg. But there was no office or factory atmosphere apparent. Instead, there were heaps of coloring instruments and toys, cuddly blankets, low seating and even a metre-high swan, as well as a slide and nest swing outside. An unusual event for the international company? Definitely. Because Schwan-STABILO has opened its first company crèche, ColorLand, in cooperation with external operator “Kinderhaus Nürnberg gGmbH” and is only the second company in the region to do so.
For this purpose, several months had been spent renovating the old STABILO marketing department for around one million euros. The four-man care team had already welcomed the first six of the employees’ children in January. The crèche offers the best childcare facilities for 24 children aged between six months and three years very near to the parents’ workplace.

The opening was also an important day for Dr. Jörg Karas CEO of the Schwan-STABILO group: “As a responsible family company, the balance between career and family has long been important to us. ColorLand will make it easier for young mothers and fathers employed at our company to balance childcare and work. We would also like to thank the municipality of Heroldsberg together with the Free State of Bavaria, for their financial support in this project.”

After the official opening before a small group, the approx. 1,400 employees from the Heroldsberg site had the opportunity to look around.

Conclusion: everyone was excited about ColorLand. The free places we still have in ColorLand surely won’t stay that way for long.

Social responsibility

In his opening speech, Schwan-STABILO Group CEO Dr. Jörg Karas recounted that over a quarter of all fathers in Germany receive parental allowance and 500,000 mothers want to continue with their careers. “But unfortunately nowadays, the reality is that the balance between family and career too often fails due to the lack of flexible work models and good childcare. We have long been a member of the “Family Alliance”, and for us this crèche is a further step towards taking social responsibility as a modern employer.”

In the best hands

Carola Weise, managing director of “Kinderhaus Nürnberg gGmbH” said, “Our work has been education-oriented since the association was founded in 1985. The educational emphasis of the facilities is based upon the concept of “open work”. The main focus is on the social education and every-day living conditions of the children. We place great value on a trusting educational partnership with the parents.”

Head of ColorLand and qualified early-years educator Romina Huber explains what this means in practice: “Infants are generally active, curious and interested. That’s why we provide them with the opportunity to find age-appropriate playmates and activities on their own.”

Reassuring feeling

For Katja Pfannenmüller, employed at Schwan-STABILO for three years and mother of 15-month-old Timo, it was “an excellent feeling from the very first day, knowing that my son was being so well cared for while I was working and yet was still so close if anything should happen!”

Employees name the crèche

The employees chose the name ColorLand in a competition, since both color and internationality play a central role in all business sectors: Cosmetics, Writing Instruments and Outdoor.

Background information:

Kinderhaus Nürnberg gGmbH is a non-profit organisation with more than 30 institutions, three advice and placement agencies for the care of 0–16 year-olds, and it currently has around 350 employees. The company has no religious ties and places great value on cultural diversity and acceptance of world religions. Flat hierarchies, equal opportunities and appreciation of working with children, parents, employees and customers form the basis of all of their activities. The work of its child daycare centres is education-oriented and in accordance with the open concept. Focus is upon the child, its needs and living environment.

Schwan-STABILO is an international Schwan-STABILO Ggroup of companies with three subgroups: Cosmetics, Writing Instruments and Outdoor. The last fiscal year (ending 30/6) saw a total turnover of 600.6m euros. The company, which has now been in the family for five generations, is one of the 100 best medium-sized companies in Germany and has over 5200 employees worldwide. The company headquarters in Heroldsberg, near Nuremberg, occupies around 60,000m² and is home to the group’s administration building, production facilities for the cosmetics sector and the STABILO Cube building. Around 1,400 are employed here.
Active customer orientation, innovative products, flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and a great deal of freedom in day-to-day work are characteristic of the company culture.